6 comments on “new adventures, close to home

  1. Ah yes well,
    I seem to be at the perfect time at myspace
    to get the announcement this early and leave a comment here, but I am very excited about your blog since
    you left Switzerland and stopped your wonderfull show.
    So. Good going and nice fulfilling start with Kaputt !
    Yey !


  2. Hi Nicole
    Hearty congrats on your new blog which looks very stylish (which didn’t surprise me) but so unpunk (which did).
    Love Laughter and Lettuce Leaves

  3. Hello Big Sister :oP

    I really do like the new picture on the top page and the one above. I’ll keep on my eyes on this blog – I added this page on my “favourite”. Stop having conversations with other people in you!! Otherwise you will end up like Schumann.

    Tata xx

    PS: I dont put my name here but you will see who I am.

  4. Nicole on Oct 5, 2008 | Reply

    I just discovered this blog through the Dischord records website, and it’s one of the best blogs I’ve ever run across. I am so excited to download everything, and love that your content so unique. Thanks for supporting women artists! And that Bratmobile/Heavens to Betsy record is as iconic and important of a 90’s landmark as Nirvana’s Nevermind, in my opinion.

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