7 comments on “Venus Weltklang Festival 1981

  1. Awesome, I got the Au Pairs Live in Berlin album from their performance there. Do you know who was on the line-up there?

  2. Fantastic to hear this music again. I love the scratches on the vinyl. I was at this festival.

  3. Thank you Jenny!! Listening again in 2019 and it all sounds so relevant still. Lesley kills but all of us bist schon.

  4. Mats on Mar 10, 2020 | Reply

    I was at that festival. Sweet memories.
    Carambolage, Liliput, Au Pairs, Slits and Malaria! where all incredibly good.

    Unfortunately very little information and very few photos from the festival have surfaced on the internet. I assume at least some fanzines must have written something back in the day. Would love to read and see photos.

    Some acts are missing on the live album:

    Contratctions (USA)
    Hans-A-Plast (Hamburg)
    Nina Hagen (West Germany)
    Gianna Nannini (Italy)
    Lene Lovich (USA)
    Kandeggina Gang (Italy)
    Insisters (Netherlands)
    Häxfeber (Sweden)
    The Slits (featuring a very young Neneh Cherry and Budgie) (UK), short clip available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D8LmUHW48s

    There might have been someone I forgot.

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