Tiger Beat on Radio LoRa, 2000 – 2007

I have worked as a DJ and radio broadcaster since my teenage years. Wherever I lived I sought out and volunteered at local college and community radio stations, from Pittsburgh’s WRCT 88.3 FM to KBOO in Portland, Oregon.

Between 2000 – 2007, while living in Zurich, Switzerland I was involved with Radio LoRa, a local community radio station. While there I hosted and produced a fortnightly show (almost) every Monday nights from 22.00 – midnight. I was often alone in the studio and would dim the lights and speak as if I was just sharing some music with friends. Here are seven of my favorite shows from that time.

Swiss Punk playlist
Dressed up Animals – Entrée
Troppo – Troppo for You
The Bastards – Gloria
Mother’s Ruin – Godzilla
Mother’s Ruin – Dany Hot Dog
Kleenex – 1978
Kleenex – Ain’t You
Fresh Color – Dance Around
Glueams – Mental
TNT – Razzia
TNT – Züri Brannt
Grauzone – Eisbär
Starter – Minijupe
LiLiPUT – Die Matrosen
Aboriginal Voices – Loops
{square}! – im Krieg
Sophisticated Boom Boom – Boom Boom Rap
Vera Kaa – Schuld war nur der Bossa Nova
Trotz Allem – Krokodil
Manisch Depressiv – Gott ist tot / Würde Würde Würde sein / Aber wir wissen / Aufstehen / Was ist los mit Amerika / Zeitmaschine / Existieren sie Nicht / Es gibt sie nicht / Die Maschine / Gott ist tot
Chin Chin – We Don’t Want to be Prisoners
The Vyllies – Purple Gorilla
mittageisen – Automaten
Dressed up Animals – Love does not Remain
Sarah Röben – Heartbeat
UnknownmiX – Uanda Street
Nordland – Green Eyes
Touch el Arab – Muhammar
Female Guitarists playlist
OOIOO (Yoshimi) – 50102
Sandra Bell (self) – Subway Nihilism
Music For One (Sherry) – Is My End…
Heart (Nancy Wilson) – Crazy On You
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (Joan Jett) – I Love Rock n’ Roll
Circuit Side (Radio Sloan) – High on the Evil Meter
Bush Tetras (Pat Place) – Things That Go Boom in the Night
LiLiPUT (Marlene Marder) – Madness
SF Seals (Barbara Manning) – Still
Helium (Mary Timony) – Lucy
PJ Harvey (self) – Oh Stella
Cat Power (Chan Marshall) – Free
Joni Mitchell (self) – Help Me
Tracy Chapman (self) – Fast Car
Wanda Jackson (self) – We’re Having a Party
Bo Diddley (The Duchess) – Hey Bo Diddley
Dolly Parton (self) – Jolene
The Carter Family (Maybelle Carter) – The Wildwood Flower
Memphis Minnie (self) – Bad Luck Woman
Sister Rosetta Tharpe (self) – Strange Things Happen Every Day
Lydia Mendoza (self) – Mal Hombre
The Continental Co-ets – Live For the Present
Memphis Minnie (self) – Have You Seen My Rooster?
Female Drummers playlist
The Carpenters (Karen Carpenter) – Love is Surrender
Moe Tucker (self) – Heroin
Low (Mimi Parker) – Shame
Yo La Tengo (Georgia Hubley) – From a Motel 6
Circus Lupus (Arika Casebolt) – Pop Man
Unwound (Sara Lund) – Scarlette
Beastie Boys (Kate Schellenbach) – Transit Cop / Riot Fight / Holy Snappers
Luscious Jackson (Kate Schellenbach) – Bam Bam (live)
ESG (Valerie Scroggins) – Dance
Slits (Palmolive) – Newtown (Peel Sessions version)
Raincoats (Palmolive) – Fairytale in the Supermarket
DNA – (Ikue Mori) – Egomaniac’s Kiss
Erase Errata (Bianca Sparta) – Driving Test
Slant 6 (Marge Marshall) – Soda Pop Rip Off
Sleater-Kinney (Janet Weiss) – Little Babies
Kicking Giant (Rachel Carns) – Alien I.D.
The Need (Rachel Carns) – 2-Story Girl
Bikini Kill (Tobi Vail) – I Like Fucking
Gossip (Hannah Blilie) – Standing in the Way of Control
Frumpies (Molly Neuman) – Duvet Ta
Tiger Trap (Heather Dunn) – Supercrush
Girlschool (Denise Dufour) – Emergency
L7 (Dee Plakas)- André
7 Year Bitch (Valerie Agnew) – Can We Laugh Now
Lesbians on Ecstasy (Jackie Jackhammer) – Pleasure Principle
Female Bassists playlist
Dream Syndicate (Kendra Smith) – That’s What You Always Say
Suzi Quatro (self) – Daytona Demon
L7 (Jennifer Finch) – Monster
White Zombie (Sean Yseult) – Thunderkiss ’65
Tribe 8 (Leslie Mah) – Lezbophobia
Team Dresch (Donna Dresch) – My Dirty Hands are Mined
Fifth Column (Beverly Breckenridge) – Donna
Au Pairs (Jane Munro) – Come Again
Y Pants (Barbara Ess) – The Shah Song
Talking Heads (Tina Wermouth) – And She Was
Unknown Gender (Cindy Rickmond) – Girls Have Rhythm
Delta 5 (Ros Allen, Bethan Peters) – Mind Your Own Business
Bush Tetras – Things That Go Boom in the Night
Adverts (Gaye Advert) – Safety in Numbers
Germs (Lorna Doom) – Manimal
Hole (Melissa auf der Maur) – Babydoll
Smashing Pumpkins (D’arcy Wretzky Brown) – 1979
Sonic Youth (Kim Gordon) – Silver Rocket
Pixies (Kim Deal) – Tame
Breeders (Josephine Wiggs) – Do You Love Me Now
Make-Up (Michelle Mae) – Joy of Sound
Versus (Fontaine Toups) – Let’s Electrify!
Superchunk (Laura Ballance) – Precision Auto
Veruca Salt (Suzanne Sokol) – Seether
Indigo Girls (Sara Lee) – Galileo
8 March playlist
Nina Simone – Four Women
Nikki Giovanni – Ego Tripping
Letta M’Bulu – What is Wrong With Groovin’
Rotary Connection – Memory Band
Dawn Penn – No No No
Althea and Donna – Uptown Top Rankin’
Namusoke – Pik is On
Mala Rodriguez – Lo Fácil Cae Ligero
Arianna Puello – En mi Salsa
Keny Arkana – La Rage
Shystie – Women’s World (Gurlz Stand Up)
No Lay – Unorthodox Daughter
Lady Sovereign – Love Me or Hate Me
C-mone featuring Smiley – Stand Back
King Britt featuring Bahamadia – Transcend
Godessa – Social Ills
DJ Vadim with Sarah Jones – Your Revolution
ESG – Gimme a Blast
Marva Whitney – Respect
Camilla Yarbrough – Take Yo Praise
Marcia Griffith – Feel Like Jumping
Neneh Cherry – Inna City Momma
Uffie – Pop the Glock
Jean Grae – Style Wars
Estelle – Don’t Talk
Paulette & Tanya Winley – Rhymin’ and Rappin’
Ella Fitzgerald – Ella Hums the Blues
Female Fuzz playlist
Royal Trux – The Flag
Hit by a Truck – Crash ’84
Magic Hour – Sally Free and Easy
Jessamine – Your Head Is So Small It’s Like A Little Light
First Nation – Female Trance
Drei – Run a Mile
Lake Me – City Wolf
Below – Dress the Fuzz
No Bra – No Woman No Crime
Mahlzahn – Au Pair
Lavender Diamond – You Broke my Heart
Hanne Hukkelberg – Ease
Karen Ann – Lay Your Head Down
Barbara Morgenstern – Nichts Muss
Discopunk & Gipsy Viv – Women @ Work
White Noise – My Game of Loving
Marie and the Atom – Isol
Spires that in the Sunset Rise – Imaginary Skin
Los Iniciados – Peter Pan
Numbers – Me Me
Sonara – European Phone Call
Anna Palm – In Need
My Brightest Diamond – Magic Rabbit
Final show playlist
Slant 6 – What Kind of Monster Are You?
Heart – Crazy on You
Patti Smith – Redondo Beach
SF Seals – Still?
Neko Case – Knock Loud
Electrelane – Bells
Opal – Happy Nightmare Baby
Sonic Youth – Star Power
Sinead O’Connor – Jerusalem
Heavens to Betsy – Factory
LiLiPUT – Beri Beri
The Ex – Stupid Competitions
The Need – No Pony for Honey
Bikini Kill – Suck My Left One
Team Dresch – #1 Chance Pirate TV
L7 – Pretend We’re Dead
Stereolab – Doubt
Fuzzhead – Stay Sane
Dadamah – Limbo Swing
Luscious Jackson – Daughters of the Kaos
The Organ – Brother
Out Hud – It’s For You
Pixeltan – Beats Prepare for Torture
Goldfrapp – Strict Machine
The Knife – Pass This On
Jenny Wilson – Let my Shoes Lead me Forward
Glass Candy – Nite Nurses (demo)
The Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control

Girls to the Front on Red Light Radio, 2014 – 2018

I was involved with Red Light Radio, an on-line radio station based in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light district, in a revamped former brothel. The studio still benefits from a large window facing the street, but instead of a dance of seduction passersby are greeted with a DJ at their mix desk hard at work. Often people would pause at the window and watch me for a few moments, just in case I might do something more seductive than flipping records of female fronted punk. Here two of my favorite shows.

Girls to the Front, Netherlands playlist
Shocking Blue – Venus
Clan Of Xymox – 7th Time
Nine Circles – Twinkling Stars
Pink, Plastic & Panties – Bla-Bla
The Ex – Evolution
Dog Faced Hermans – Timebomb
Indirekt – Shell Helpt
Wanda’s – The Ideal
Asbest – Family Care
Removers – Part-Time Lovers
Cheap ‘n’ Nasty – Covergirl
Götterflies – Empty
Jetset – Tot Hier En Niet Verder
Squits – Porno Pirate
No-Song Kutkotz – Telegram
Bizkids – VIPs
Pin-Offs – Rats
Bettie Serveert – Kid’s Allright
Solex – Randy Costanza
The Ex & Tom Cora – Stupid Competitions
Girls to the Front playlist
The Vyllies – Purple Gorilla
Klack-Klack – 19/19
Dog Faced Hermans – Too Much for the Red Ticker
Pas de Deux – Mani Meme
Hermine – La valse de 99 ans
Jo Squillo Eletrix – Skizzo Skizzo
Charol – Sin Dinero
As Mercenarias – Oh Oh
Grylurnar – Sisi
Mögel – Håll Mej Hårt
Vivien Goldman – Launderette
Judy Nylon – Live In A Lift
The Shop Assistants – All Day Long
Look Blue Go Purple – Grace
Voigt/465 – Voices A Drama
Shonen Knife – I Am a Realist
Terapi – Maraudeur
The Bloods – Button Up
Dangerous Birds – Smile on your Face
Algebra Suicide – Agitation
Inflatable Boy Clams- Marin
Unknown Gender – Real/Unreal

Digital Mixtapes and Podcasts

Over the years I’ve contributed digital mixes to a variety of platforms as well as to my own blog. In 2012 I created a mix for Make Out Magazine, for their second issue, with the theme Heidi.

Heidi mix playlist
Shop Assistants – Switzerland
Parabelles – Untitled
Beth Anderson – Country Time
Hildegard Knef – Holiday Time
Nancy Sinatra – In Our Time
Petula Clark – Downtown (German version)
Ann Steel – My Time
Planningtorock – Bolton Wanderer
Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot
Chromatics – In The City
Christiane F. – Wunderbar
Molly Nilsson – We’re Never Coming Home
The Velvet Underground – All Tomorrow’s Parties
Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side
Audrey Hepburn & Henry Mancini – Moon River

I contributed to the Mother Festival London in 2010 and made this mix in honour of the event.

Mother Festival London playlist
Wetdog – Wymmin’s Final
Maria and the Mirrors – From Egypt With Love
Molly Nilsson – We’re Never Coming Home
Rhythm King and Her Friends – Front of Luxury
Iori’s Eyes – I Said You and I Grow Old
Phoebe Jean & Kirikoo Des – Cover Girl
Mary and the Baby Cheeses – Years
The Konki Duet – Punk’s Dead
Sonora – Brains
Kelli Rudick – Darling
Vera November – Our Last Night Together
Music for One – Wind From the Irish Sea

Here my all-time favorite, mid-90s pop soundtrack.

American Girl Poprocks
Helium – American Jean (7″)
Ruby Falls – Let Me Go (Why Do You Think They Call it Pop? 10″)
Autoclave – Dr Seuss (s/t LP)
Rubbermaid – Entrepreneur (7″)
Corndolly – After School Special (7″)
Twig – Airplane (Why Do You Think They Call it Pop? 10″)
Growing up Skipper – V.I. (7″)
Bratmobile – Girl Germs (Kill Rock Stars compilation)
Scrawl – Clock Song (International Pop Underground compilation)
Helter Skillet – The Look Out (Teenbeat 50 compilation)
Heavens to Betsy – The Factory (s/t cassette)

My Riot Grrl Playlist, ca. 1994 and ca. right now and always.

Riot Grrl playlist
Heavens to Betsy – Factory
Scrawl – Clock Song (live)
Heavens to Betsy – Monsters
Tattle Tale – Fibreglass
Bikini Kill – Feels Blind
Gossip – (Take Back) The Revolution
Slant 6 – What Kind of Monster Are You?
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
Bratmobile – PxRxDxCxT
Frumpies – Weird Machine
Tiger Trap – Words and Smiles
Frightwig – My Crotch Does Not Say Go
7 Year Bitch – Dead Men Don’t Rape
Team Dresch – #1 Chance Pirate TV
CeBe Barnes Band – She’s a Winner
The Third Sex – Monster Snack
Bratmobile – Kiss & Ride
The Need – Sam
Erase Errata – Marathon
Huggy Bear – Her Jazz
Bikini Kill – New Radio

Italo Disco, way out in space…

Spacer Woman playlist
Boney M. – Nightflight To Venus
Venus Gang – Love To Fly
Herman’s Rocket – Space Woman
Sheila B. Devotion – Spacer
Space – Magic Fly
Charlie – Spacer Woman
Ann Steel – My Time
La Bionda – I Wanna Be Your Lover
Dee D. Jackson – Automatic Lover
Video Kids – Woodpeckers From Space
Andreas Dorau und die Marinas – Fred vom Jupiter
Spizz Energi – Where’s Captain Kirk
The Space Lady – Major Tom